ChiRunning can be an technique of running that did start to gain a bit of popularity about 2004, however by 2009 fascination with it began to drop off and still does so, largely as for a lot of athletes it did not reach what it really had been promoted as. It was originally formulated and advertised by Danny Dreyer in the latter 90’s having a publication on ChiRunning published in 2004. It is akin to the principles involving tai chi and when running focuses on alignment, relaxation and a specific running technique. The focus is on good posture, core strength, relaxed legs, and also the perception of mindfulness.

Just what the promoters call the correct running technique is central to the ChiRunning notion. They make use of the concept of run tall using an erect alignment with the head, shoulders, hips, and feet all lined up in a straight line. Inclining forward at the ankle with this upright posture is also considered key to the ChiRunning technique. This falling frontward is alleged to lower the energy needed to run and it is supposed to be more efficient. They place a particular focus on hitting the ground with the mid-foot as opposed to the rearfoot – this resulted in New Balance to make a running shoe specifically designed for the midfoot running (the New Balance MR800). Furthermore they try to keep the core active whilst keeping the pelvis level with plenty of concentration on relaxing while out for a run. The ChiRunning organization certifies trainers globally who instruct the runners how to do the Chi Running approach. The teachers need to satisfy a wide variety of requirements established by the organization and they have to renew their certification every year.

Plenty of assertions get made by people who publicize ChiRunning with regards to the benefits with regards to better running economy and less running injuries. Most of these were simply supported by stories and also testimonials. Not one of the assertions were actually supported by any scientific data and subsequent data has not backed them either. The majority of athletes lost interest in different running techniques like Chi Running since most of the claimed benefits for them didn’t eventuate to most of the runners that tried it. The enthusiast of ChiRunning had been virtually cult like in their behaviors in the manner they promote and market it, that also put a great deal off runners off wanting to have a go.


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ChiRunning: A Revolutionary Approach to Effortless, Injury-Free Running
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Summary of Danny Dreyer & Katherine Dreyer's ChiRunning
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