‘Toe Jam’ isn’t really a medical diagnosis or a medical phrase and is a name for the annoying things which amasses in between the toes which jokes are often made regarding this. Nevertheless, everyone do need to take toe jam seriously because occasionally it can lead to complications. The actual accumulation between your toes is composed of various things that include the lint from shoes and hosiery, especially if they can be new, dead skin cells and flakes, grime, perspiration along with other particles that we get exposed to. Toe jam could have the texture like a soft cheese and also differ in color from a white to a dull brown. It tends to accumulate much more within the darkish and also moistened restricted spaces between toes, particularly when shoes are used throughout the day. A cheese like foot smell might build up through bacterial breakdown of the epidermis cellular material. The bacteria for the most part to blame for the cheese like aroma is the Brevibacterium linens bacteria. Oddly enough, this is the micro organism which is utilized in some cheese creation processes. This problem is much more frequent in those who reside in damp and warm locations, whose feet perspire a lot more for example athletes, those who wear closed-in footwear, anyone who has poor foot cleanliness and do not inspect their own feet, who don’t thoroughly clean their feet frequently and who don’t dry out between the toes. Quite a few jobs including those who call for closed in shoes or boots in hotter conditions may also increase the chance with this. If the problem is not really taken care of there are a variety of issues which will occur, such as microbial and also fungal infections. The skin between the toes can become very moist and cracks can develop in the skin between the toes. A number of problems might appear much like toe jam and if this may be a difficulty, then a proper investigation is usually necessary to determine this. This will include things such as corns between your toes along with a variety of microbe infections.

toe jam

The simplest way to deal with toe jam is to use good foot cleanliness routines which entail frequent washing and cleaning up between your toes and drying between the toes that can stop the accumulation of the things that result in the problem. Clean absorbent socks ought to be used every day and changed soon after physical exercise that can help absorb sweat. When possible, make use of footwear that will permit the perspiration to evaporate or pull away moisture from the foot. People with a sweaty foot disorder might need to take on extra steps, such as using absorbing shoe inserts and socks. Any fungal infection must be treated with anti-fungal ointments. Specific awareness will have to be given to individuals who may have failures of self care if they have issues with mobility or vision. Advice should be provided to carers or close relatives relating to carrying out self-care and undertaking effective foot health. There are a selection of commercially accessible foot cleaning products and brushes which they can use to accomplish this. Above all, toe jam isn’t serious, however, you must take it seriously especially if you have something such as diabetes mellitus as it can lead to further complications.


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