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November 7, 2023

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Pay Per Click
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The Basics of Pay Per Click Advertising

When I think of Pay Per Click, I think of a marketing strategy that has two different sides – one where you pay for published ads and one where you get paid for publishing ads. Somebody is always paying for the click, whether it is you clicking on someone’s ad or another person clicking on your ad. Pay Per Click depends on how you look at who is paying. If you use Google to search the internet then you may find that your search results include “Sponsored Links” (on the right hand side of the search results page). If you click on any of the Sponsored links, the advertiser that placed the ad you clicked must pay Google for that click. If the advertiser is you, you are the one that pays. The price that you would pay depends on how much you have bid on the keywords used to generate the ad. This marketing tactic is called Google Adwords. In addition to the ads being displayed with the search results, Google allows owners of websites and Blogs to display the same ads as contextual ads. Contextual refers to content that relates to the subject of your web page. This […] read more
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Pay Per Click Marketing

When you are getting started in the world of ecommerce, one of the first things you need to think about is getting traffic to your web page. Much like a physical storefront, a website is useless unless people are actually browsing through it, so it is important to think about how to get people to take a look at your webpage. Pay-per-click is one way to do this, but before you start investing the money into this unique form of advertising, there are a few things that you should know. PPC advertising can be a little confusing at first glance, so take a look below to clear up some of the more common misconceptions. The first thing to remember is that PPC advertising will not increase your ranking on search engines like Google or Yahoo. No matter how many times your ad appears, you will not get a better ranking when people do searches looking for your product. The only way to increase your natural ranking on the search engines is to put more relevant and key-word optimised information on your web page itself. For services like Google Ads, where your link appears next to the natural search results, you […] read more
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