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November 7, 2023

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Are the Circulation Boosters Effective?

The so called circulation boosters, which the most widely recognized manufacturer is the Revitive, are a assortment of gadgets which are alleged to improve the circulation. The promoting of these devices is mainly by way of testimonials and also celebrity recommendations. You can find hardly any or no rigourous scientific data supporting that they improve the blood circulation. These circulation boosters range of gadgets have a foundation that you rest the feet upon and that either vibrates or delivers a slight electrical stimulus, the end result being that the muscles fire. With this muscle contraction, this will pump blood, and so yes you will see a brief improvement in blood flow to the feet and legs due to this. As soon as the equipment is switched off or perhaps the foot removed from the device, the activated muscle contraction stops and the the flow of blood returns to where it had been beforehand. Going on a walk for the same length of time you will have spent on the product will do dramatically more for the blood circulation. The local blood flow from the muscle contraction of walking can do more good than the stimulated muscle contraction from a device. […] read more
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Do the Circulation Boosters Actually Boost the Circulation

The circulation boosters are devices which you can see widely marketed in TV advertisements and infomercials and print media with promises they are able to increase and help the blood circulation. You will also notice a lot of celebrity recommendations for this type of device. The promises which get made are generally made with care since there is simply no research which they really do improve the blood circulation. No research has revealed that these devices bring about any significant or beneficial effect on the blood circulation to the legs and feet. The idea behind a circulation booster is that they apply electrical muscle stimulation to relax and contract the muscles, thereby improving the circulation of blood to the feet and legs. This could help the blood flow from the feet upwards to the heart. They do this for the duration of the short time that you will be using the device, however the outcome will last no longer than the period that the foot is on the device. Should you actually want to increase your blood circulation then get out and go for a power walk. That should do substantially more for giving you better circulation in comparison with […] read more
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