About the Greek Islands Greece is a favorite vacation spot of people around the globe. Here are some of the great islands that Greece has to offer. Crete One of the biggest attractions of the Greek islands is the wonderful Crete. Here you can really experience the Moorish history of the Mediterranean. You can tour their museums and visit the fellas as well. You can also explore the island with its ancient cities. You can take a boat cruise that will take you around the islands. You will enjoy the quiet and peace that only a boat tour can provide. Mykonos Mykonos is a contemporary resort that exemplifies the new tourism that the Greek governments are promoting. The island is equipped with advanced facilities and all modern amenities. You can enjoy a modern vacation and feel the fresh, exhilarating energy of the island. The hotels are luxurious and the parasols that are popular in the island are amazing. There are also many water activities that can be found on the island. Rhodes Rhodes is the second largest island of the Greek islands and is also one of the most popular. in fact, many tourists come to the island each year. […] read more