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October 25, 2021

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The Longevity of Aerosmith

For over three decades, Aerosmith have been one of rock’s most revered and popular bands, crafting classic songs full of raw guitar runs and intensely energetic vocals. The band first reached fame in the 1970’s with a string of hits  →
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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

The music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is perhaps the most well-known of any composer the world has ever seen. Almost everyone has heard of how Mozart was composing music by the age of five (some urban legends even claim it  →
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A Review of “Tupolev: A Biography by Elvis Presley”

Elvis Presley, sometimes called just Elvis, was a famous American singer, actor and musician. He is often known as one of our country’s most important cultural icons of all time and is recognized as one of the king of rock  →
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Bob Dylan – An Early Lead In Rock Music

Bob Dylan is the singer and songwriter of the famous rock band The Beatles. His musical style remains innovated to this day. A devotee of folk music, he mixed it with rock and roll in creating his unique sound. He  →
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Michael Jackson, Ben Jonson, and Other Pop Artist Traits

Michael Jackson was a major American pop singer, composer, and performer. Best known as the “Precious Little Dancer” and the “Bad Kid” in his solo career, he was one of the biggest names in popular music of all time. The  →
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The Legacy of Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was a legendary American entertainer, singer, and songwriter. Known as the “Rocker” in the group that performed along with other artists of his time, he is still considered one of the biggest cultural icons of the 20th Century.  →
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