Something you find in the running community is numerous common myths and misconceptions relating to exercising, overuse injury and also running shoes. This generates a large amount of poor suggestions getting given by individuals unqualified to provide it as well as the taking up of that recommendations by those who are not in a position to judge if the information is good or not. One of them misconceptions could be the reasoning behind “overpronation” along with what that has to do with overuse injuries as well as athletic shoes. You may read in many places that overpronation is bad and is an enemy for the runner and has to be done away with at all cost. Alternatively, you may also read that it’s a non-event and absolutely nothing to concern yourself with.

Pronation is really a normal natural motion in which once the foot strikes the ground the ankle joint rolls inwards and also the mid-foot ( arch ) lowers. There is nothing incorrect with this movement and it is the way the foot absorbs shock and adapts to the ground. Overpronation is undoubtedly if you have an excessive amount of this motion. The first downside to this is there’s no definition or general opinion as to what is too much, so that is a concern. Overpronation is understood being a risk factor for a number of too much use injuries that athletes have because of the biomechanical circumstances that it is supposed to cause. The problem is that many who overpronate do not get any problems, others get problems, so this is regarded as a dilemma. Foot orthotics along with other different types of interventions had been made to manage the concerns. As this was deemed a major dilemma, then a entire category of running shoes, the motion control running shoes have got design features which are meant to help handle the overpronation action of the feet which will help prevent these injuries. The data that this is the thing that really happens is not very good. Because of this, this can lead to a lot of debate.

Within the perspective of these conundrums you have to look at just what the meta-analyses of all of the science are showing. The most up-to-date systematic reviews do confirm that overpronation is an issue, nonetheless, it is merely a small issue, but that is still statistically important. This means there are numerous variables involved in the overuse injuries in athletes than just the overpronation.

One other trouble with the subject can be that everybody thinks they can be a specialist about it and each of them knows how to repair it. There are actually a number of factors that cause overpronation and due to that there are not really a single method that will make it better. Numerous pretenders choose to propose that working on the hip region and those muscles there are the solution to overpronation of the foot. That should only help if that’s the location where the issue is. Should the issue is resulting from tight leg muscles, then absolutely nothing you do at the hip is likely to fix it. Foot orthoses will not likely help them either. The only thing which can benefit them is normally heel lifts in the short term and stretching for the long term. Should you have overpronation and it does need to be dealt with, overlook the foolishness online and go and see someone who really knows what they’re doing.


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