Bunions are a very frequent condition in the feet, particularly in females. The only way to eradicate bunions is by using surgery but because the feet are a weightbearing structure, there may be a significant prolonged recovery time following surgery. There is always actually no apparent reply to the issue as to how long could be the recuperation right after bunion surgery is likely to be, because there are so many variables which are connected. Rehabilitation may well be a few weeks if there is a basic cutting off of the protrusion of the bunion or it may be a a few months or more is there is some big reconstructive surgical procedures that ought to be performed.

A number of these variables associated include things like:
1. The exact characteristics of the bunion deformity and when it is just a bump and how much the great toe has deviated; and just what and exactly how several other bones and joints within the front foot are involved.
2. The particular surgical treatment which is to be done. This might be a simple chopping off of the lump or an extensive bone resetting that requires external bracing. Every bunion will differ.
3.Is the surgery going to be carried out on a single or both feet?
4.Just what is the physiologic age and physical health of the individual undergoing the procedure. What is the medical condition, threshold for discomfort, healing ability, if right now there are existing medically complicating elements, predisposition for inflammation, venous and lymphatic system status, how much family and friends supprt, cooperation and also perseverance. Everybody will be different here.
5. The kind as well as amount of activity that have to be accomplished so that you can amount to recovery. For runner, recuperation may mean a return to sports activity, which can be likely to be more than a ‘recovery’ for a non-athlete.

Usually, just the operating specialist who’s going to be working on your bunion and has evaluated you and after that decided on the most appropriate surgery for you can then effectively respond to this kind of question concerning how long the recovery from bunion surgery is usually going to be. It is best to discuss this question in great depth with the doctor.


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