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November 7, 2023

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Kananaskis in the Canadian Rockies

Kananaskis is both a Country and also a Village in the park system close to 4000 square kilometres west of Calgary, Alberta in Canada and is situated in the Canadian Rockies. Kananaskis Country is noted for the closeness to adventure and travel and leisure facilities. It is about eighty kilometres or a one hour car drive from Calgary. The community is located on the western bank of the Kananaskis River along at the bottom of Mount Kidd. The location was given its name in 1858 by John Palliser whom named the Kananaskis River that runs through the area after an associate in the Cree 1st nations local community. You will discover 4 principal highways that move through the Kananaskis area. The main one being Highway 40 with a 66 km portion of the Bighorn Highway also being known as the Kananaskis Trail. Kananaskis Village is an unincorporated resort community with a few international level hotels along with other services including theKananaskis Country 36-hole Golf Course, downhill skiing with both the Fortress Mountain Resort along with the Nakiska Ski Area that hosted the freestyle moguls skiing throughout the 1988 Winter Olympics, horseback riding facilities at Boundary Ranch and quite a few […] read more
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Healesville is a township in country Victoria, in Australia about a 1 hour drive from Melbourne’s central business district. It is situated on the Watts River, which flows straight into the Yarra River. It is usually most well-known for the zoo park, now called Healesville Sanctuary. The town has got a resident population of almost 8000 in 2021, but that is usually higher if adding in the visitors. Healesville was first established in 1864 mainly as a lodging site for the nearby goldfields and for building of the Yarra Track and was given its name after Richard Heales who had been the Premier of the state of Victoria from 1860 to 1861. The town is situated on the ancestral territory of the native Wurundjeri people. A reserve for the Aboriginal people referred to as Coranderrk was established in 1863 just south from the principal township. Aside from travel and leisure the primary employment in and around Healesville is founded on areas such as sawmilling, farming and viticulture. Healesville has become a tourist destination since the 1880s, with the Grand Hotel being developed in 1888, and the Gracedale House becoming made in 1889. In addition to the Healesville Sanctuary, the the […] read more
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The History of London

London currently is the seat for the Government of the United Kingdom and also the nations monetary centre. London is nestled on the banks of the River Thames in southeast England. The city of London was initially started by the Roman empire in 43 AD and they controlled there up until the fifth century AD, as soon as the Roman Empire declined. The Romans called the town Londinium and it had a populace then of around 50,000. The city became an important trading port. Londinium declined during the fifth century due to recurring Anglo-Saxon incursions. In the eighth century the city had become the capital of the Kingdom of Essex. There were many Viking attacks during the 9th century with plenty of suffering in that time. Danish settlers subsequently established themselves in the region bringing about an increase in trade and businesses in the town. Since the prosperity and strength of this growing city centre improved it enticed the attention from the Danish Great Heathen Army which took control of the city and taken by King Alfred the Great in 886. Right after the Norman invasion and conquering of England in 1067, the revolutionary King of England, William Duke of […] read more
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The Overland Train from Melbourne to Adelaide in Australia

The Overland is the iconic train that journeys between Adelaide and Melbourne in Australia and it has been serving the path for more than 130 years, from 1887. The train experience is through country side which is a big part of Australia’s heart and also heritage. The name of this train is the ‘Overland’, even so it may get mistakenly called the ‘Overlander’ very often. The Overland train was Australia’s first interstate passenger train running in between state capitals. The train first started in 1887 as soon as the railway line between Melbourne and Adelaide was constructed. This train had been to start with run as a joint venture with the Victorian Railways Corporation and the South Australian Railways Organization and at that period it was named the ‘The Inter-colonial Express’ and later referred to as the ‘The Adelaide Express’. The train runs between Melbourne’s Spencer Street station (now called Southern Cross Station) and the Adelaide train station in North Terrace, Adelaide. The Overland used to operated during the night and integrated sleeping carriages and seated carriages and for some time a catering carriage. The train was renamed as “The Overland” back in 1926. In the later part of the […] read more
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How about a Holiday in the Greek Islands

About the Greek Islands Greece is a favorite vacation spot of people around the globe. Here are some of the great islands that Greece has to offer. Crete One of the biggest attractions of the Greek islands is the wonderful Crete. Here you can really experience the Moorish history of the Mediterranean. You can tour their museums and visit the fellas as well. You can also explore the island with its ancient cities. You can take a boat cruise that will take you around the islands. You will enjoy the quiet and peace that only a boat tour can provide. Mykonos Mykonos is a contemporary resort that exemplifies the new tourism that the Greek governments are promoting. The island is equipped with advanced facilities and all modern amenities. You can enjoy a modern vacation and feel the fresh, exhilarating energy of the island. The hotels are luxurious and the parasols that are popular in the island are amazing. There are also many water activities that can be found on the island. Rhodes Rhodes is the second largest island of the Greek islands and is also one of the most popular. in fact, many tourists come to the island each year. […] read more
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About Box Hill, Victoria, Australia

Box Hill is a respectable middle-class eastern suburb of greater Melbourne in Victoria, Australia. Via the freeway it is fourteen kms from the cbd of Melbourne. The current municipality of Box Hill has got an established population of just below 12 000 people. For administrative purposes, Box Hill is now part of the City of Whitehorse. Prior to the arrival of Europeans the location was the location of the Wurundjeri Aboriginal people. The initial European land owner was Arundel Wrighte whom took up a pastoral contract for the property in 1938. Box Hill was initially formally declared a city in 1927 with it expanding over the following century into its own city. In 1871, the inhabitants of the township was 154 and was mostly orchards, vineyards and other combined varieties of agriculture. During this time the town became a key market centre for the fruit and vegetables that have been grown in the area at the time. Box Hill was taken in into greater Melbourne in the 1950’s included in the eastward growth of Melbourne. The specific name of Box Hill had been selected at the gathering in 1860 of local people put forward numerous desired location names. A competition […] read more
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Sydney, Australia

Sydney is a city and the state capital for New South Wales in Australia. It is the most populated city in Australia which has a population of about 5.3 million people found in 658 suburbs. Sydney is probably most famous for the famous Sydney Opera House and also the Harbour Bridge as well as hosting the 2000 Olympic Games. The Sydney area has probably been lived in for at least 30000 years by indigenous Australians. The explorer James Cook’s first Pacific voyage in 1770 ended up the initial Europeans to chart the eastern coast of Australia. They made landfall at Botany Bay which encouraged lots of British interest in the area. The initial European settlement has been by Arthur Phillip who created Sydney as being a British penal colony in 1788 following the landing of the First Fleet of convicts. Sydney was incorporated as a city in 1842 plus the transportation of the United Kingdom convicts to there stopped then. In 1851, a gold rush took place Australia giving additional growth and immigration. Over the next century, Sydney has been developed from the impression as a colonial outpost in to what it is currently as significant worldwide cultural and economic […] read more
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Adelaide, Australia

Adelaide is the capital of the state of South Australia as well as the 5th biggest city in Australia. It is situated on the Adelaide Plains just north of the Fleurieu Peninsula positioned about the bottom middle of Australia on the map. Adelaide is a two-hour flight from Sydney and a 30-minute airline flight from Melbourne. It is probably most renown due to the various festivals and also sports, its food and wine lifestyle and its adjoining coastline and hills. It features a substantial defence and manufacturing industry. Adelaide was declared as a British settlement on 28 December 1836. Before that the area around Adelaide has been inhabited by the indigenous Kaurna people and named Tarndanyangga that means the “place of the red kangaroo”. Adelaide was named in honor of Queen Adelaide, consort to King William IV. One of the cities founding fathers, Colonel William Light, constructed the city center and chose its location near to the River Torrens. Light set out the city centre inside a grid format which are interspaced by large boulevards and larger community areas and surrounded by parks. The early colonists in Adelaide were diversified and it grew to be termed as a “City of […] read more
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What to Expect When You Take a Nile Cruise to Egypt

If you love traveling to the Egyptian desert and want to experience it first hand, you may want to consider taking a Nile cruise. Hundreds of boats ply the Nile in the delta region between Luxor and Aswan, Egypt. Most tourists only take a short plane flight into Egypt and board a boat docked at the river’s mouth. Many vessels only offer Nile cruises for up to three nights, depending upon their length of travel and which direction they head. The beauty of this journey is that it leaves you with an incredible exploration of the incredible geographical formation known as the Nile. Along your way, you will visit many ancient sites including the Valley of the Kings, Luxor, the Karnak Temple, the Temple of Horus and the cemetery of Kom ash-Shuqqafa. The most striking monuments and temples are located along the banks of the river; the rest of the scenery consists of palm trees, plains, dunes, rock formations, and other natural landscapes. One of the best aspects of a Nile cruise is the scenery. Starting about two hours before you leave Sharm El Sheikh, the scene changes to being within the fertile plains of Abu Dhabi. Here, you will […] read more
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Croydon, Victoria

Croydon is a suburb in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia positioned close to 28 km east of Melbourne’s Central Business District. Croydon has a populace of almost 27,000 individuals. The area that eventually became Croydon was first put to use during the 1840’s by residents for the grazing of farm animals. The first road through the location was labeled Sawmill road because of a sawmill nearby. Later on it was altered to Oxford Road and in the 1900’s it was changed as to what it is known today as Mt Dandenong Road. The location itself was initially referred to as White Flats since the area was heavily populated by a rough silvery-white type grass. The name of Croydon was given to it with the Lacey family members whom came from Essex, England who called it after the Croydon in the United Kingdom that was Mrs. Lacey’s home town. Near the present Main St shopping area is a street called after the Lacey family. Parcels of property in the area were first surveyed in 1868 and the region was initially formally habituated with all the location being focused on the farming of sheep, dairy and beef. There were also some sawmills established. After […] read more
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